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Viajes fotográficos en Mallorca

Viajes fotográficos

Viajes fotográficos en Mallorca

por Mallorca Photo Tours
Son Servera (Islas Baleares)

Puede realizarse en los meses:

  • enero
  • febrero
  • marzo
  • abril
  • mayo
  • junio
  • julio
  • agosto
  • septiembre
  • octubre
  • noviembre
  • diciembre

Mallorca is a photo paradise. It has so much to offer: landscapes, seascapes with narrow coves or long beaches, mountains, ruins, architecture, nature, picturesque villages… we have it all to be photographed by you.

Autumn, winter and spring are the best seasons for photographers in Mallorca, the summer months are quite busy and warm. Of course, there is no guarantee of sunshine or blue skies, but that doesn’t mean we cannot find beauty to photograph. We can make walks in special places, over cliffs and paths, in ‘calitas’, discover spots which are not in the tourist guide: little villages with narrow streets, a colourful market perhaps, spots for decay photography or historic buildings with Roman or Arabic origin, find anything interesting for our lens.

We will adapt our program to the weather and the light, the wishes of the participants but there will be time to relax, download some photos onto your computers, share experiences and learn from each other and interact with you fellow photographers.

We will try to let you taste the authentic Mallorca, so this tour may not just be for photographers. The photo tours are suited for photographers of all levels and can be even enjoyable for non-photographers…

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