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Consultoría turística y marketing (consultorías)

por PGI Management
Andorra la Vella

We design tourism destinations through competitive business models that use experiences as the differentiator, to attract investors and trade agents.


We design plans for the development of competitive tourism destinations, oriented to profitability and attractiveness to investors.

The main goal is to create long-term sustainable strategies for the development of destinations, emphasizing in locating highly profitable business models that set us apart from the competition and are therefore attractive to investors. We not only design the plans, we also offer assistance during their implementation process. This is to ensure everything is done effectively.


We develop sales and marketing strategies to generate major impact, guarantee return visits and provoke recommendations.

The main objective is to differentiate the destination in term of marketing by designing innovative strategies that allow us to optimize the budget-impact duo, thus improving the destination’s perceived image, both in the tourist’s mind and the marketing channels.


We develop memorable tourism experiences that boost the destination’s appeal.

The objective is to design and improve tourism activities until they reach a level in which they are perceived as authentic experiences. These experiences will later become true motives for visiting the destination, which in turn will consolidate the brand and boost the interest of marketers and influencers.


We improve professional results, through specialized training.

The objective is that professionals, whether they technicians from official organizations or tourism business managers, improve their quality of work in order to achieve better results. This is achieved by creating specific programs that are easily implemented and cater to their needs. We accompany them throughout the entire process and offer day-to-day assistance.

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