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Andorra la Vella

We are the world’s largest specialist in mountain resorts. We advise throughout the whole life cycle: from design and construction to operation and growth.


We provide Independent advisory services for design & construction, from the operator’s perspective. This is done to ensure that all progress being made is applicable and practical.  Definition of concept and creating a marketing strategy composed of products, services, and experiences found within your business area are also services we provide. Identification of key business units are imperative to an area’s successful development.  We provide the vision necessary to capitalise on business opportunities.

We estimate the potential (revenues, costs and investments) of your ski resort to make sure that your vision is realistic, fundable and socio-economically sustainable. We provide, a business plan, an analysis of cost and efficiency in investment, as well as study company positioning and feasibility within the market. We also cover the supervision of suppliers during construction, this guarantees the proper execution of work. Our goal is to precisely indicate how to achieve the maximum ski area permitted with the lowest investment possible without jeopardizing the skier’s safety, quality, and comfort .


We are the mountain resort advisor that will help you get your ski resort operating in a safe and efficient way. We are committed proving aid every step of the way while focusing on increasing company profitability.

Within this practice we include the services necessary to manage, operate and develop the mountain resort successfully. In this sense, the customer can choose the scope of the service required. We offer everything from specific support to the outsourcing of all services required. We carry out a range of Ski Area Operations which include everything from avalanche control, to ski lift and slope operations and maintenance. We are experts in handling snow treatments and equipment as well as managing ticketing systems, ski schools, stores and rental facilities. These branches are controlled by our own methodology system which tracks and records operations. Efficiency is measured by our operation plans which include SOP’s (Standard Operation Procedures) that involve all aspects of the operations: Ski lifts, slopes, snow production and snow grooming, ticketing, etc. As mountain resort management experts, take care of operations, maintenance and emergency plans, while always adhering to international ski standards.


In this area we include all the necessary services for the improvement and growth of a mountain destination business. This includes elaboration of business strategy and operational plan, as well as an analysis of process redesign.  Our know-how paired with our experience in mountain tourism allows us to correctly identify potential growth elements. Once the client decides to develop the within market, we provide them with a team of qualified agents who will then dedicate themselves to converting said opportunities into reality.

We can elevate a small classic ski resort, only open during winter season, in to a year-round quality resort. This will significantly increase turnover as well as provide staffing incentive like, the possibility of long-term contract.  We discover potential growth areas by implementing our Valuation Services and or our Mystery Guest program. With all the information gathered we will be able to help our clients improve the quality of their services and operations.


The objective is to help our clients’ staff acquire top international standards. We support professionals (ski resorts, official bodies and/or ski business managers) in order to improve ski resort performance and obtain better results. We create maintenance plans for ski operations, provide locals with training on how to maintain day-to-day operations, give formation on how to run ski grooming machinery, snowmaking system, lifts, etc. We handle the training of personnel in systematic and professional way.  Whether we are training staff or management, we focus on both theoretical and practical situations.

We give our full support during the first stages of training while focusing on safety, customer care and the implementation of maintenance programs. This way, your mountain resort workforce will perform its tasks better progressively, until the ski resort reaches a level of autonomous management. We provide official trainings and certifications for your ski instructors that are in line with and recognised by the International Ski Instructors Association (ISIA). We can also provide training to your sales & marketing team. These trainings will help to improve your staff’s expertise and have a direct impact on sales.


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