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Biodiversity Nature Resort

Gam island, West Papua
8482 Raja Ampat (Célebes)

¿Qué ofrece Biodiversity Nature Resort?

Biodiversity Nature Resort is designed to pamper you, our honored visitors, while gently enhancing and respecting the Earth. What is more, we are also celebrated as a dive resort, so here you can enjoy the wonderful quality of stay and dive in some of the best spots arround the world.

As well as diving and snorkeling we offer lots of other unique and fascinating experiences. The Raja Ampat islands are globally famous for kayaking, jungle trekking and island hopping opportunities. If you are after a more chilled and laid-back experience, you can wander around the local villages, enjoy some bird watching, or just spend time on the beautiful  Raja Ampat beach . Whatever you choose to do, you will be able to relax in our sumptuous accommodation while enjoying our colorful cuisine, all in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

We also take great pride in being one of the top eco-resorts in indonesia. We have many things in place that enable us to be an eco resort. To be an eco -resort aslo means we have to work closley with the community. We are involved in many community projects which help to uplift and support the community

You will find us on Gam Island, at the very heart of the Dampier Strait, in the Raja Ampat Archipelago in West Papua Province, Indonesia.

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