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Hotel de Campo


Hotel de Campo

Refugio de Vida Silvestre Caño Negro
21402 Caño Negro (Alajuela)
Costa Rica


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Vacations In Costa Rica
Birdwatching Ecotourism

All Services in One Place to Enjoy your Vacations in Caño Negro

Vacations in Costa Rica birdwatching ecotourism, For your next exotic holidays. Hotel de Campo Caño Negro is the answer to your gratified wishes. It is conveniently located in Costa Rica, at the #1 abundant wildlife and birdwatching spot: the National Wildlife Refuge of Caño Negro.

This Ecolodge hotel is carefully developed over a reforested area of 5 Ha: as an excellent result of over 20 years’ work, we have naturally created birding and photography spots, in front of the lagoon.

Hotel De Campo Is The Place
For Your Holidays In Costa Rica

Therefore, when you are properly planning your exotic Vacations in Costa Rica birdwatching ecotourism, this is a pleasant place where you undoubtedly want to stay. When you are seeking a hotel that gives you all, we are the solution. Genuinely enjoy the unique experience of the real deal of Ecotourism. Vacation in Costa Rica birdwatching ecotourism at Hotel de Campo

Hotel de Campo enhanced a private protected area, that offers you the possibility for birdwatching all year round without barely moving from the hotel. Is a true birding and wildlife zone.

This private protected area properly establishes a natural crossing path between two majors lagoons of Caño Negro. As the desired result, this Eco Lodge Hotel became well known as one of the most proper spots for birdwatching Ecotourism, and photography for a great vacation in Costa Rica.


Sleep Inside A Botanical Garden
During Your Vacations In Costa Rica


Hotel de Campo, is one of the onlies few hotels in Costa Rica, that is properly built inside a botanical garden. In order to complete your Vacations in Costa Rica birdwatching and ecotourism experiences, we adequately develop over the years an open-air botanical garden.

Our botanical garden represents many remarkable things for us. Our genuine passion for the plants, generations of knowledge about local flora and local fauna, and engagement in successful conservation and necessary protection of this beautiful nature and abundant wildlife.

Hotel De Campo, Is The Choice For Birdwatching

About 28 years ago wen had a Vacations in Costa Rica birdwatching ecotourism. After leaving the beach, we start this project about 20 years ago on an extensive ground of 5ha. By now, we successfully grew 200 different species of exotic plants, local natives among exotics, fruit trees, medicinal, valuable timber, and ornamental plants. This reforestation project continues with native plants as a key priority.

We have seen each one of the trees growing, admired their first flowers, and undoubtedly enjoyed their delicious fruits. In the same way, we have felt the satisfaction to see a lot of exotic birds, mammals, amphibians, and reptiles arriving for food and rest, feeling safe and at home in our garden.

The botanical garden is not only about plants, orchids, fruit trees. But it is also about the conservation of nature in Costa Rica.

As we carefully plant new species, we think about which specific kind of butterflies, hummingbirds, frogs, birds, monkeys, and so on, will be living naturally in it, will reproduce naturally in this nurturing environment.

Our botanical garden is today the home of dozens of species of animals.

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